Fern Ridge Reservoir.

I headed south to Fern Ridge Reservoir this morning despite the 50% chance of rain..  Of course at this time of year, there's pretty much a 50% chance of any weather anytime.   The day turned out to be rather nice.

My first stop was the off-leash area of Zumwalt Park to let Jake get tired.  It didn't take long.

Is this a Purple Martin?  No, it's an Olive-sided Flycatcher!

Next stop was Jean's Park... I wasn't able to get many pictures of birds, but this giant slug was on the bathroom door...

I spent most of the day at the area at the end of Royal Avenue...

It was hard to get a good picture of these guys but they were super cute.. I believe it's a Mallard mama and her ducklings.

It was beautiful out (though very windy).. As I had hoped I saw a handful of the White Pelicans that had been seen around the area...
As I had feared, they were way out of my camera's range.  The most annoying thing was that they were super close to the road- a narrow part of the road where the speed limit is 55 and there's nowhere nearby to stop!  Darn it!

Out on the water were at least 3 different broods of goslings..  So adorable.

I wish I could tell what the Osprey was carrying... some kind of rodent or frog or fish or something...

Now I'm pretty sure this guy is a Purple Martin...

Ok, I'll spare you all of my dead/decomposing/half-eaten nutria pictures, but this dead snake is pretty cool looking..

Golden-crowned Sparrow.

Marsh Wren.

Least Sandpipers I think...

This was one of the most interesting birds I saw today..  Looks like a Canada Goose x Snow Goose?

These guys were obviously together.. I hope they make more funny little hybrid goose babies. 

It was a fun trip!  I'm glad I got to check out the trails that are closed all winter and now only open on Saturdays!


  1. Great photos...I have never been there. You should go back soon to get some pics of the "funny little hybrid goose babies." That made me smile! PS I can't tell if those are Purple Martins, perhaps one of the experts will confirm.

  2. Thanks for sharing a wonderful day out Jen. The Wren clinging to the reed is a super capture. FAB.

  3. Did you jump at the sight of the snake or could you tell right away it wasn't alive? I would have freaked. I love the goose babies!!

  4. Your second birds are correctly identified as Purple Martins, but your first bird is Olive-sided Flycatcher!


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