Malheur NWR, Part Two.

I took a wrong turn off the Center Patrol Road and found this bird...

I think it's the female Ring-necked Pheasant.

The Buena Vista Overlook was pretty in every direction (even towards my car).

Down in the Buena Vista Ponds was this Eared Grebe.  Very cool.

Some kind of sparrow?  Here's another one near Benson Ponds:

Of course I have a million pictures of the White-faced Ibis.  Gorgeous bird and all over the place too!
This ibis was along Diamond Lane.

 They were constantly flying overhead..

Some Barn Swallows along Diamond Lane...

I must have seen hundreds of Franklin's Gulls.. This one on Diamond Lane... Tons more at Krumbo Reservoir:

 Also at the reservoir...

A White Pelican and a pair of Gadwalls.

A Western Tanager across from the reservoir...

Between the reservoir and Benson Ponds are tons of little warblers and other migrants...

I'm having trouble with this guy...Warbling Vireo?

Lots of Yellow Warblers everywhere...

A MacGillivray's Warbler at Benson Pond on Saturday.  On Sunday morning when I was there a Blackpoll Warbler was seen but I couldn't find it for the life of me...
Yay!!  A Lewis's Woodpecker!  (also at Benson Pond).

So pretty.

A tree full of Tree Swallows.

A coot working on its nest...

Even more to come!


  1. Holy crap. So unfair and stop stealing my life birds (i.e., willow flycatcher) Ya u know it. :)
    Wonderful post. Amazing variety. Struck at rich, I'd say!


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