Yellowstone National Park (Part 3).

Yay I'm finally on my last trip post!  I'm hoping to head up to Ridgefield tomorrow to see what I've been missing the last few weeks!

Ok so our last full day at Yellowstone started off on that big hike from the last post... That evening after we'd rested a bit we decided to venture out to some places we didn't have a chance to visit yet..  We took a little dirt road along the road to Tower and found a new friend:

He did not stick around long...

We eventually reached the turn-off for the petrified tree and once again there was a black bear wandering around the valley.  For some reason I took over  a hundred pictures of it, 7 of which I kept, none of which are that great.  Haha.

Apparently I changed my settings sometime during this viewing..

A little while later down the road was another big group of people.  Luckily it was right next to a big parking area and we pulled over and parked quickly.   This was probably my favorite sighting of the trip:

A grizzly bear and two cubs!!!!

Oops... where'd the other cub go?

Here he comes!

So freakin adorable. 

Here's one last one where the park ranger began frantically yelling to everyone to get back in their cars...

Woohoo!  We continued on to the Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls.

Both were pretty awesome even though it was starting to get dark... These little guys were all over the area:

We also stopped to take a picture of this elk, even though we'd already seen tons of 'em.

That was it for that day... The next morning we got up early so we could stop at Old Faithful on our way out of the park..

It was cool.  We explored the other geysers in the area a bit too.

There was lots of pretty stuff to look at...

After Old Faithful we had lunch and headed south back towards Jackson.  We made a last stop in the Mormon Row area...

Bison were all over the area I had explored 5 or 6 days earlier... We didn't want to get TOO close but we took some photos...

This look sent me back to the safety of the car pretty quick.  The baby was so cute though...

And that's it!!!  That was my trip... It was so freakin amazing and awesome but I am so glad to be home...


  1. More wonderful images of Yellowstone - it's like an outdoor wildlife park. I especially like the grizzly series.

  2. Jen: you should "like" Audubon on Facebook (if you use it) and then you can get updates of future bird was cool!

  3. What gorgeous shots! I bet it was all even better in real life. It must have been a treat to be there; thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm finally catching up and looking at everything. These photos are so great. My favorites are the mama bear and cub, running cub, the river when it was getting dark and the house. Great captures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh..and did you make it to Ridgefield, how were the bugs?


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