Yellowstone National Park.

Oh boy did I take a lot of pictures here.. Thanks everyone for checking out my adventure and helping with some of my ID's!!  There's plenty more to come.

Our first morning at Yellowstone we decided to check out the area, starting with Mammoth Hot Springs.  Before I even got any good pictures of the springs I watched this guy:

Mountain Chickadee I believe...

I have tons and tons of pictures of the springs but I'll just post a couple of my favorites..

It was so freakin pretty.  I was surprised how many birds were around the springs... Like this Killdeer:

Lots of swallows seemed to live in the cliffs around the springs...

This Violet-green Swallow was quite a ham.

They were all kind enough to pose for awhile for us.

This Mountain Bluebird somehow hung out on the side of a rock formation.

After the springs we stopped for lunch at a picnic area across the road from the springs.  There was a creek with lots of Cliff Swallows doing something... eating?

After lunch we went drove east a bit to check out some waterfalls and wildlife.  We turned up the road towards the petrified tree and noticed lots of people taking pictures.  A black bear was down the hill from the road!

I only got weird pictures of him, but he was cool to watch.

Back on the road we passed huge fields of bison.

The next day we started off driving south on the main road, stopping for random springs, wildlife, and waterfalls.

This little bird was hanging out near a hot spring...
Again, a mystery flycatcher.  I will learn these birds someday.

Across the street from some cool springs was this bird:

Is it a female Western Tanager or some kind of warbler?

Down the road we had to stop quickly to avoid some bison....

It was a little weird to drive right next to them.

We headed to Norris to explore the Norris Geyser Basin.  Everything there was beautiful to look at and I took tons of photos.  Here a few favorites:

It was so pretty!!  We returned later for more exploration.... those pictures will be in the next post.


  1. Incredible shots!!! I so want to go there someday! I love the shots of the swallow!

    Thanks for the visit and kind comment on my nature blog. I am now following your blog and glad to have found you!

    Craig Glenn


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