South Central Oregon.

Over the weekend I went camping at a great campground near Crater Lake.  The campground itself was on Miller Lake, a nice and dusty 12-mile drive down a gravel road from Chemult, OR.  It was a lot of fun since I had never been to Crater Lake (I know!  I've lived in Oregon for 9 years in September and had never made the trek). 

I got up early both days to go exploring...
That might be Diamond Peak but it might be something else.  Just a pretty view along the gravel road...

I started off heading towards the Upper Klamath Basin... This eagle was perched along one of the roads bordered by fields of cows:

Not where I would expect to find an eagle...  I was hoping for a Golden Eagle but I believe it's just an immature Bald Eagle. 

Further down the road were these blackbirds perched on a fence.. The whole scene made me think of a Country Time Lemonade commercial for some reason.

A Great Egret flew in to perch on a fencepost:

I followed the road down to a bunch of supposed birding spots and failed to find many birds... I took Jake on some short hikes and gave up.  I moved on to the next suggested area and found an Osprey nest...

Too cute.  Later on my way back out I saw a second youngin' up in the nest... No good pictures though.  My first stop was Petric Park which I realized after I stopped was only a boat ramp...and this promising sign:

I drove a little bit up the road and found a much better place, Wood River Wetland.  There was a great trail along a couple waterways that lead to Agency Lake. 

There were tons of these birds:
Western Wood-Pewees I think...

Jake and I scared up some egrets out of the reeds... This one was flying in a different form than normal:

It was a beautiful trail....

Alright, so before this weekend I had thought I had seen a lot of swallows before... I was wrong.

NOW I can say I've seen a lot of swallows.  There were also quite a few grebes swimming in the waterways but they were mostly too far away for good pictures.

Clark's or Western... I never know...  And of course some Pied-billed:

White Pelicans flew by...

After spending a couple hours here Jake looked like he was going to pass out... I decided to head back to Digit Point campground for some more hiking and some swimming in Miller Lake.

On the trail around the lake this Dark-eyed Junco was hopping from tree to tree:

We stopped to go swimming and this bird was very interested in us:

A Spotted Sandpiper!

Back at our tent site were tons of chipmunks and squirrels.  Sadly Jake had to stay on a leash because of them... Chipmunks are pretty much his favorite thing ever.

The next morning I got up early to finally visit Crater Lake National Park... One of my first stops was a little gravel turn-off with a restroom... I'm so glad I had to stop because here I found my first (and second and third) Clark's Nutcrackers!!!

I was so happy to finally see them!  I had definitely heard them before but could never quite locate one.  Next we drove up to the Cloud Cap overlook... I stopped to make some snow graffiti:

At Cloud Cap were oodles of chipmunks...

I swear they were posing for the camera.

Oh and the lake view wasn't too bad either...

Back down the road from the viewpoint was a pull-out with lots of bird activity... This group of trees was dripping with Yellow-rumped Warblers and Red-breasted Nuthatches:

Oh and another Clark's Nutcracker joined us for a bit:

Our next stop was the Pinnacles viewpoint... Pretty cool-looking!

There was a Western Tanager hopping around nearby..

My last stops were around Rim Village... There are some great viewpoints near there..

It was an awesome trip- I'm so glad I decided to finally visit Crater Lake!


  1. Isn't Crater Lake just awesome? I could swear you took that first Clark's Nutcracker on the exact same tree as I did about a year ago! Maybe it was even the same bird - not only the chipmunks seem to pose!

  2. Some fabulous scenery Jen and a whole host of wildlife to go with it. I think the Chipmunk stole the show. FAB.

  3. I like the new blog layout! I've lived in Oregon for over 20 years and have not yet been to CL....bad Laura. What a fun trip you had!
    The chipmunk is actually a Golden mantled Ground Squirrel...really similar but chippies have stripes on their heads.
    Love all the swallows, too!

  4. Our family first made it to Crater Lake last year. Not to copy dreamfalcon's comment, but I swear you took that Western Tanager photo exactly where I did a year ago! It was on the Pinnacles Trail. Funny. Fantastic photos.

  5. Your Klamath trip was a fun one in photos. LOVE the birds, of course. You have many of the same birds there that we do here. The scenics were awesome and I LOVE your banner shot. Glossy Ibises?


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