Ridgefield NWR 09-18-10

I actually went up to Ridgefield on Friday afternoon AND Saturday morning... Friday was pretty rainy and I didn't see much, so I decided to try again in the morning. 

The first thing I noticed was the Red-winged Blackbirds were back...

It's nice to have a bird you can count on to sit still.

The waxwings were still chowing down on berries... Blackberries this time.


I walked part of the Kiwa Trail and found some cooperative Bewick's Wrens...

Several Greater Yellowlegs were wading in the water...

In the fields were some Canada Geese and these Greater White-fronted Geese...

And that was about it for Ridgefield...


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  2. Great picture of the Bewick's Wren. I saw some Lesser Yellowlegs today with Greater Yellowlegs.


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