Cathredal Park.

I love Cathedral Park.  It's beautiful, you can walk out onto a dock in the Willamette, there's an off-leash area, and the colors are stunning in the fall.  I always bring my camera but I don't usually find many interesting birds.

This morning I took Jake there as a belated mini-celebration of his 5th birthday... It was super pretty and after wandering around the river shoreline I followed the sounds of little birds in the trees.  I managed to find my first kinglets!  They've been on my mind lately because everyone seems to see them, but I never had.

A Golden-crowned Kinglet! 

I also saw what I think is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet (let me know if I'm totally off on this one!!)

Also in the trees were tons of Bushtits, Brown Creepers, and Black-capped Chickadees... Good times!


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