Kelley Point Park (9-21 & 9-23)

I've been visiting Kelley Point Park a lot lately to exercise my dog but I've been finding a lot of birds as well!  There are tons of Brown Creepers everywhere!

Funny I didn't even notice the big ol' snail at the time!

Also in the trees...
Downy Woodpecker


Black-capped Chickadee

Spotted Towhee

These birds are from the walk from the parking lot to the river... On the river are even more birds.  I recently read the Kelley Point section in Birding Oregon just to see what else I could possibly see there... One bird mentioned was Caspian Tern, and I thought oh weird, I've never seen a tern there...

I guess I was not paying attention!  My first trip to the park after reading that I noticed this bird:

There it is, a Caspian Tern.  I wonder how many other birds I miss just because I don't know to look for them!  This next tern was a successful little fisherman... just wish he had been closer!

I watched some Osprey that day as well (9-23-10) but the next few visits I didn't see any... Have they left for the winter? 

This guy let out some screeches and flew off west down the Columbia... I guess that was good bye for now.

And yes of course there were lots of gulls around.... I have yet to attempt to ID them, but they take a pretty pictures sometimes...

Ok and one last picture of the fella that drags me to the park and waits patiently for me to throw the ball between birds....


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