Newport (August) and Westmoreland/Crystal Springs.

I just found some photos I took in Newport, OR in August...  I never actually ID'd the birds until just now- forgot I had even taken them...

Black Turnstones!  So cool!  I remember seeing them right near the dock where the sea lions are...

Oh and my friends and I went whale-watching and I didn't post photos of that either!   We did one of those tours from Depoe Bay.

I believe it's a California Gray Whale.

Outside the Oregon Coast Aquarium were some birds in the mudflats... Some kind of blackbird?

Weird little baldy!

Also.... yesterday I hit up both Westmoreland Park and Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden... I'll just post a few of my favorite photos...

Bad hair day?

Mother Goose?

So handsome!


  1. Your unidentified birds in the mudflats might be European Starling, Jen.

  2. Those look like starlings that have been eating outside of a nuclear plant.The Wood Duck photo is absolutely stunning!


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