Sauvie Island.

I spent yesterday morning on Sauvie Island looking for birds and enjoying the fact that it's the best month of the year... October is my favorite and seeing fields of pumpkins makes me borderline giddy.  I also noticed a massive search & resuce operation going on... I was really hoping they weren't wasting more money on Kyron Horman, but alas, they were.

My first stop was that little wildlife viewing platform way down Reeder Road.  Sunflowers were blooming and blackbirds were all over...

They were hard to ignore...

 My next stop was Rentenaar Road too look for sparrows and finches... I found lots.

 House Finch

House Finch

American Goldfinch

Savannah Sparrow

This next one I debated a bit... I believe it's a young White-crowned Sparrow....

White-crowned Sparrow

 Golden-crowned Sparrow (young)

Song Sparrow

Lincoln's Sparrow

I need help with this last sparrow...

Is it another young Golden-crowned?  The tail feathers seem dark compared to Sibley's...

After Rentenaar Road I drove back down Reeder to Coon Point.  I was lucky that some Sandhill Cranes were relatively close to the path.

It was a good morning!  I hadn't even realized that the Lincoln's Sparrow was a new bird for me!


  1. Love the sunflower/blackbird photos! Looks like a nice trip.

  2. I went to the island today with a Beginning Birding class but we were at the Wapato Greenway area - still a good day but I love the spots you visited. I've got to go more often! I like your sparrows posed regally on the blackberries.

  3. Wow- great photos! I especially like the blackbird/sunflower shots.


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