Ridgefield NWR 11-28-10, etc.

Since the day turned out to be quite nice yesterday I decided to drive up to Ridgefield and see what I might find...

The first thing I saw was a flock of snipes... I don't think I've ever seen a bunch of them together...

Bad photo, but you get the idea.

Back in the wooded area I saw a Great Horned Owl hanging out... I was glad he had his eyes open for once.

That was pretty cool.  I didn't see much else there unfortunately... On the way home I stopped at Vancouver Lake Park to walk the dogs.  I got some good photos of them together...

They're so handsome.

Anyway.. Today I was looking out the window and I saw a Downy Woodpecker hopping around my tree... It got to my suet feeder, found it empty, and proceeded to give me the saddest little woodpecker face.  I was so moved I jumped in the car and stocked up on suet!  Hopefully she'll come back...


  1. Only YOU would find a flock of snipes. You have the best luck....

  2. I have never seen more than two snipes in one place. fascinating.

  3. I typed in your new URL and voila!

    I had never heard of Snipes flocking, but what do I know...now I see John's comment. I guess it IS a rarity you lucky dog!

  4. Oh geez, now that I know it was a strange thing to see I wish I had taken more photos! As it were they were pretty far off and only as I drove away did they take flight. I wouldn't have even noticed them if I wasn't trying so hard to find that darn Black Phoebe!

  5. Hi Jen,

    What a wonderful blog! I'd say you know well what you're doing with the birds these days (response to your profile).

    Excellent photos by the way, and the snipe flocks at Ridgefield are a real treat. With a good pair of eyes and a bit of patience, this is not so uncommon at this location. I've seen them gather on the ground in numbers as large as 30-50. They love the open field between the bird blind/restroom and the Kiwa Trail entrance. I've also seen them in large numbers at the very first water crossing on the auto loop (left of road where many stumps and sticks break the water's surface).

    I'm very envious of your many outings lately, and you've inspired me to get out again soon. Perhaps next week :-)

    Good birding and blogging,


  6. Hey Jen that owl looks to me like it's in a bad mood the way it stares at you. Hope it didn't follow you home.


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