Smith and Bybee Lakes.

I decided to spend some time at Smith and Bybee this morning to freeze my fingers and see some birds... Right away I surprised a Hermit Thrush:

Although I know these thrushes are common I had never actually seen one before... Yay!

There were lots of Bewick's Wrens annoyed with me...

From the far blind I watched a kingfisher pose in Bybee Lake...

A bunch of Bushtits were seemingly asking to get their portraits taken..

There were over a dozen Common Mergansers out on the lake, and more flying by..

I was psyched to see three Varied Thrush in the trees... I was not psyched to see the sun come out behind them.

Someday I'll find some in good light.  While I was walking back towards the parking area a couple of deer crossed the path.  This lady seemed curious:

She seriously stared me down as I walked past her, so close I was a little nervous she wanted to charge at me (not that they do that) or something.

I had a good little stroll around the lakes!  Now I must brag about the awesome collar I found for Ralph at Pets On Broadway (and show off Jake's collar also from P.O.B., but not new):

Ralph's is the owl one, Jake's is the swallows.  Yay for cute dog collars!


  1. Nice Bushtit pictures! Not easy to do.
    You should see my only Varied Thrush picture. Not a work of art. O well, it does prove I saw it. :-)

  2. What a collection of lovely images, Jen. I particularly like the one of the hermit thrush: you found her secret hiding place. But the others are not far behind, especially the bushtit.

  3. The Bushtit photos are great. They are adorable....but not as adorable as your birding dogs' new collars. Now they can go birding in style with you!

  4. The Bushtit looks like it is ready for winter.

  5. Very cool shots! Those are some fierce-looking Bushtits!

  6. Are Hermit Thrushes named so because they hide away and are difficult to locate? If so you did really well to get that shot Jen.


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