Black-crowned Night Herons.

I went to find these guys this morning after seeing a photo on Rhett Wilkins' blog, and it was surprisingly easy!  Before today I had only seen them at Malheur (and one juvenile at Ridgefield over the summer) so I was very happy to find two just ten minutes from my house!

As you can see, they are pretty well protected in this tree... especially from me and my camera.

Man.  What cool birds... I stopped by Broughton Beach to hunt for the Tufted Duck also, but the wind and cold kept me from looking too hard.  I may try again tomorrow with better gloves. 


  1. I don't think I've ever seen one of these, but then again, I'm am in the early stages of learning more about birds.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Holidays!

  2. Nice work, Jen! I'm glad you went for the herons.

    As for the tufted, you stand a great chance if you go sometime soon. But Broughton Beach is about the coldest, windiest place around, perhaps with the exception of Steigerwald NWR.

    Good Birding!

  3. These are such cool birds to see...I remember the first one I saw on a golf course in Texas No mistaking it for anything else such a distinctive looking bird.

  4. ...they always seem to stay well protected from "us and our cameras!" Glad you persevered and got your shots. I loved the post. I always laugh when I read the title of your blog...funny.

  5. Whow ... super find Jen and so close to home.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas. Cheers FAB.

  6. Oh cool. I'll have to get over there and see if I can see them.


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