Cape Cod, MA (part deux).

My second day on the cape my parents made the mistake of asking me if there was anywhere I wanted to go while I was there.  I am not sure if they expected me to say Trader Joe's or what, but I scanned the Mass Birding website and found some beaches nearby with birds I had never seen before... My parents agreed to the adventure despite the thermometer looking like this:

Oh and the wind was NOT helping.  But it was sunny!

The first beach we pulled up at was Dowses Beach in Osterville.  A handful of American Black Ducks greeted us...

A new one for me!  Out in what I believe is Nantucket Sound were a couple dozen Brant...


I climbed up some rocks and found my first Common Eiders!!

Such cool birds!  They had some Common Goldeneye pals.

And I better not forget the ladies...

After thoroughly freezing my parents we got back in the car and headed to Long Beach in Dennis I think.  It was cold there too.

But there were Mute Swans!


My dad made a new friend.

And in case you were doubting the wind... This Ring-billed wants to show you how it felt:

We left this beach and went to another beach.  I don't recall where it was or what it was called.  My brain was too frozen to retain information at this point.

I finally found a Great Black-backed Gull:

He was great indeed.  Here's another one:

By the water were quite a few little shorebirds... Sanderlings mostly...

There were a few other shorebirds mixed in... Like this guy:

I'm guessing Dunlin because of the bill but I'm not sure.

Woohoo, four new birds!  Plus my parents actually seemed to enjoy themselves despite the weather.  Good times!


  1. Great selection of birds. Happy New Year. Boom & Gary,

  2. BOY I recall those chill winds of winter from my days on the NY coast...BRRRR and those birds look familiar too..Except I neve say the Eiders--great find there! Happy New Yr


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