Cape Cod, MA.

I got back last night from a week with the family in Massachusetts... My time was split between my parents' house on Cape Cod and my brother's house in Somerville.  I had asked my parents ahead of time if they wouldn't mind filling their feeders before I arrived- and fill them they did!  I saw tons of birds including many new ones...

The first bird I remember seeing my first morning there was a Red-bellied Woodpecker..  Woohoo!

He would poke around in this big tree or come down to the feeders for a snack...

The Northern Cardinals were pretty tolerant of my camera this year...

And on the feeder with one of my new favorite birds:

The Carolina Wren!

One bird I've missed since moving to the west coast is the Tufted Titmouse... They were plentiful in my parents' yard...

It wasn't until this trip that I realized the feisty-ness of the Red-breasted Nuthatch..

Feeding in the snow below the feeder were sparrows, juncos, jays, and squirrels... Finally got to see some White-throated Sparrows!

Um, yeah, just ignore that giant extension cord in front of its face...

Another yard visitor was a yellow-shafted Northern Flicker:

Downy Woodpeckers visited the trees and feeders frequently...

Dark-eyed Juncos were always around...

The Blue Jays caught wind of the food sources by my second day there and swarmed the yard.

Lastly was this thrush in a bush:

I am guessing it is a Hermit Thrush but my pictures were not good enough to be certain.  Yay I added a handful of new birds just in my parents' yard!  More birds to come from the Cape Cod coastline and Plum Island....


  1. You should have sent me a message I was off from work and birding all week. Boo hoo! I got 4 lifers yesterday along the Rhode Island Coast. I grew up in Brewster on Cape Cod. Maybe next time!

  2. Another great selection. Red bellied woodpeckers are now starting to be seen in my part of the country. Boom & Gary.

  3. Gotta love it when they come to you! All great birds!

  4. You got a lot of the birds that I love to watch year round. I love the Carolina Wren!!

    Happy New Year.

  5. We saw those exact birds in Cincinnati Ohio last week! Love the wrens and red-bellied woodpeckers (weird name, shouldn't it be red-naped?! so silly). Lovely pictures!


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