Hoyt Arboretum.

I was in a terrible mood this afternoon, after driving all the way to Fernhill Wetlands only to find out that as of two weeks ago, dogs are no longer welcome.  I drove back to Portland and figured I needed a good walk in the trees and where better to do that than an arboretum? 

Most of the walk was peaceful and beautiful and totally put me in better spirits... We crossed from the Wildwood Trail to the Hemlock Trail to the Creek Trail and on and on, pausing in a small field.  I noticed some movement nearby and discovered a handful of thrushes!

There were two Varied Thrushes and one Hermit Thrush.  They permitted me to take a bunch of photos until some screaming children ran by (this is no exaggeration- they were obviously hopped up on chocolate santas and gingerbread men). 

Now it's time for some Ebenezer Ale and some packing for Boston!  Happy holidays!


  1. Boo hiss... Where is the birding spot that doesn't allow children. Just kidding! Happy Holidays, Jenn!

  2. Very cool to get a Hermit Thrush and Varied Thrush in the same picture!
    Too bad about dogs at Fernhill. I hadn't noticed that last time I was there. I was once against dogs in nature areas, but have since softened my opinion as in most cases they seem to be well mannered and under control by their owners.
    We used to have two beagles, but are down to one as we had to put one down because of cancer. We called them Kanga and Roo. Roo is still with us, almost 13 years old and going strong. I've considered taking her out birding on occasion, but haven't done so yet.

  3. Boston huh! email me if you want to bird while you are here.


    challenge will be the weather. We're expecting a blizzard with as much as 20-inches of snow.

  4. Loved the photos of the varied - we had one just south of us in MA a few years ago - such a beautiful thrush. But you last comment left me worried - packing for Boston. Hope the blizzard has not screwed up travel plans. Happy New Year!!


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