Ridgefield NWR 12-12-10

The rain is really starting to piss me off.  Yesterday turned out to be a rather nice in the afternoon so I drove the dogs out to Fernhill Wetlands thinking I could walk them and maybe find a Red-breasted Merganser.  I packed my raincoat and figured even if it started pouring, we could still take a good walk.  Unfortunately I did not pack a boat. 

Grr!  Even when the rain has stopped, the rain is still foiling my plans!

Anyway.  On Sunday afternoon I went up to Ridgefield in the light rain... It wasn't too productive but as usual, I found a few cool birds.

Tree Swallows!  I think there's about 30 in this photo alone, and there were many more... Weird!

Good ol' Mrs. Harrier was out scanning the fields...

The usual swans and geese were out and about...

Cackling or just a crouched down Dusky?  I get easily confused when I don't have a side by side comparison.

A young Bald Eagle came flying by and seemed hellbent on messing with a young hawk who eventually settled in a tree (kids these days!).

He still seemed a little unsettled.

On the last leg of the auto tour I was driving pretty slowly scanning for the Northern Shrike and the Rough-legged Hawk that had been reported.  In swooped this other hawk right onto his dinner:

He was rather close and unconcerned with me so I took lots of photos of him. I'll post just one more...

That was about it!  Now I swear I see blue sky between the slits in my blinds though when I started this post it was pouring... Better take advantage before I have to go to work!


  1. Love the shot of the Harrier!

    It's a Cackling Goose -- probably a Ridgeway's.

    Here's a great piece on identifying the Canada and Cackling supspecies:


  2. Dude, the rain has been absolutely brutal lately. Can't believe Ive managed to see some birds in the few breaks. I agree with Greg's identification on the goose BTW.

  3. Looks like a Northern Shoveler with the Swans.

  4. Super photos! Love the swooping harrier and the rough-leg awesome!!! We have a rain day today--Im shuffling Mom to her Drs appt and doing some Chr. shopping so may as well rain!


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