Columbia River.

This afternoon was sooooo gorgeous out I just had to take the dogs for a long walk... I figured the path along Marine Drive would do just fine for that.  Turned out to be another good bird day too!

I saw my first Red-throated Loon!

I love its speckled back...

Cool bird.  I couldn't help scanning the scaup rafts in hopes of finding the Tufted Duck... Lucky for me, one of those big Tidewater barge things came through and sent most of them really close to shore.  I didn't find the Tufted but I did find the Tufted hybrid!

I was pretty happy to have found him even though I didn't find the "real" Tufted...

I love a good hybrid.  Lastly, perched on a telephone pole near the Sea Scout Base was a Bald Eagle, possibly a 2nd year?

Good birds!