Chickadee Nest Excavation

A couple of hours ago I noticed a Black-capped Chickadee digging into the tree directly in front of my kitchen window. 

There are two chickadees out there and they appear to be taking turns excavating. 

I have read in Sibley's and online that the male and female will both work to excavate the nest cavity but then the female actually builds the nest.  It can take up to two weeks to complete.  I haven't noticed these guys working here before so they may have just begun. 

Looks like a lot of work!  I hope they don't change their minds and move to another tree.  It would be awesome to watch this family grow!


  1. Oh, lucky you! I hope the chickadees continue to find that particular tree to their liking. It would be so much fun to observe the nesting behavior and the little ones. Fingers crossed! Great photographs!

  2. I agree - so lucky to have them as yard-mates! I hope they stay for you.

  3. Wonderful shots of the chickadees at work on their nest. I hope they stay too why not? It will be cute to see the babies.

  4. What luck! That will be fun to watch and --Movies Please!! Action, Cut, Print!
    If I was a bird I know I would look for one to make over and not start from scratch, lotta work! ENJOY

  5. Very cool if they decide to build there! That top shot is awesome and looks so much like a small woodpecker! Thanks for sharing and I hope there is more to come!


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