Junco party.

Ok, I don't know what I was complaining about last week- it seems all my yard birds are back and better than ever... The first thing I noticed this morning was a junco that didn't look quite right.  It looks very similar to a Cassiar Dark-eyed Junco but I'm not sure.

My windows are double-pained and warped in spots so most of my window photos come out blurry.  Boo.  But you get the idea.

Then there was another junco with a dark ring around his neck.. I thought it might be juvenile Oregon junco starting to get his dark hood?

And yet another junco- this one stood out because it seemed so pale compared to the rest- maybe a female Oregon or Slate-colored?

And then there were plenty of regular Oregon Dark-eyed Juncos...

Also in my yard today:  Bushtits, Black-capped Chickadees, one scrub-jay, two Northern Flickers (including the hybrid), Anna's Hummingbird, House Sparrows, robins, all three pairs of Brewer's Blackbirds, starlings, and lots of gulls overhead.  Not too shabby.... Hoping the White-crowned Sparrow will return!


  1. Great series of photos!! We only have the Dark-Eyed so I don't know what is going on. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Juncos are such great birds they quietly go about their business and show off that beautiful coloration...
    Looks like Slate colored in some of those shots--

  3. Love the Juncos. Here in NY, we have the "slate" variety. Every year, one nests in my hanging baskets on my front porch.


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