Mt. Tabor Park.

I went up to Mt Tabor this morning in hopes of finding some of the awesome birds seen yesterday.  I found a few good ones...

This was the first bird I saw while walking up the trail from the parking lot and I thought it was some crazy warbler I'd never seen... Nope, it was a Lesser Goldfinch:

I saw lots of thrushes including Varied and Hermit:

I was happy to see several Band-tailed Pigeons flying around but I only got bad photos like this one:

I had really hoped for a variety of warblers but came up with just Yellow-rumped and Orange-crowned... I saw one possible Nashville but couldn't be sure.  Here's the OC:

It was a good morning even though I didn't get quite the same spring fever as I did at Ridgefield the other day... Hopefully this weekend will be extra springy!


  1. Great birds and sightings. Love the hermit thrush and the orange crowned. Wonderful photos. have a great weekend and great birding.

  2. Another great birding adventure for you! Here we have some drizzle today hope it slacks off later...happy earthday!

  3. Hi Jen. May not have been an awesome day by your standards but definitely some intersting sightings and pics to share.
    Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.


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