North Coast (Part I)

I've been at the coast since yesterday morning and it's been an awesome trip.  Yesterday I spent the morning and early afternoon at Fort Stevens State Park.  Driving through the park the loudest birds were definitely the ravens...

Well, the loudest until I reached Parking Area D on the Columbia River.  There the Caspian Terns by far were the loudest birds around.  The dogs were fascinated.

Many of them were flying around with fish in their beaks...

As we walked the beach it seemed the birds were increasingly agitated with us.  We came around a corner and I was surprised to find dozens of terns standing on the beach.  I snapped a few quick shots before leaving the area...

Also in the river were Common Loons and a Horned Grebe, all in breeding plumage.

Walking along the shoreline was a lone Sanderling. 

I brought the dogs back to the car and checked out the wildlife viewing blind.  The area offered another view of the group of terns.

Ok, enough terns!  Next I took the dogs for a long walk along the bike path from the shipwreck parking area.  A Bald Eagle greeted us at the parking lot.

Along the trail I saw my first Rufous Hummingbird of the year...

After Fort Stevens I drove up to Astoria where I found a White-crowned Sparrow with some House Sparrows along the river.

Yesterday evening I headed to Ecola State Park.  The view never disappoints me...

Down in the water was a large raft of Common Murres...

The trees by the parking area hosted many Chestnut-backed Chickadees...

Good times!


  1. Wow! Very nice set of shots! I particularly am impressed with the flight shots and the eagle shot. But all are great and help tell your story very nicely. I really like how you are able to get out to so many different venues to shoot pictures! I'm making notes of all the places you visit!

  2. Great birds and a lovely view. Awesome photos. I just love seeing all those terns. And the murres would be a new sighting for me.


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