North Coast (Part II).

Yesterday morning I spent several more hours at Fort Stevens State Park.  I returned to the beach with all the Caspian Terns to hopefully get some more photos.  This time the tide was very low and most of the birds were way out on the mudflats.  There were still a few flying around though.

There were still several Common Loons in the river along with tons of Surf Scoters.  I made the dogs sit for some photos.

After that I headed to Coffenbury Lake to check out the nearby trails.  I walked the dogs for hours around the area and saw lots of good stuff.  I heard several Wrentits- boy do they love getting their photo taken...

Not really.  I watched a Hairy Woodpecker work a tree branch for awhile.  He also refused to cooperate for a good photo.

In the lake was a Common Loon:

In the campground next to the lake were several Fox Sparrows...

Yesterday afternoon I headed to the Cannon Beach Sewage Ponds.  I am kicking myself for not going down to the beach to Haystack Rock where I now have read reports of Tufted Puffins.  Oh well... Back to the ponds...  Quite a few warblers were around, including Orange-crowned:

The last leg of the loop around the ponds passes by the recycling center that has some large dumpsters outside.  I was surprised to find a raven sitting on one of the dumpsters...

This morning I walked the dogs around the Astoria Column and down part of the Cathedral Tree Trail. The trees were very noisy with birds but I still had trouble locating most of them.  I caught a sneaky little Pacific Wren trying to hide...

Also around were lots of Golden-crowned sparrows, juncos, both kinglets, robins, Bushtits, CB Chickadees, and plenty of squirrels making my dogs nuts.  The view from the parking area is awesome.

That was about it for birds on my trip.   Good times!


  1. Some great sightings! I love the Loon.

  2. What a great day. I love all the bird sightings , especially the oranged crowned. You have some great photos. The last shot is beautiful and I love the view.

  3. I forgot to say I love your dogs. They are so cute and obedient.

  4. A most wonderful post with beautiful images! Great sightings. Lovely photographs of the Common Loon and Orange-crowned Warbler. Amazing scenic image at the end of your post. Awesome dogs. An absolute pleasure to view your fantastic blog!

  5. Great shot of that tern!!! Whoopie-
    Such good dogs sporting their bandanas-I have trouble spelling that word and banannas..too many b's d's and a's and I never get it right---lol
    try saying banannas wearing bandana's 3 X real fast..
    Great capture of the orange crowned too-a terrific loon in breeding colors--wow
    And I agree what a view!! I think the PNW gets the blue ribbon for bird species!!!

  6. Another great post. Fun photos...cute dogs

  7. Wow! I'm exhausted for you. And envious of your great birding weekend. Thanks for sharing. How do you hold two leashes and take photos at the same time? Great job.

  8. Another great day shooting, Jen! How I'd love to see and photograph a loon! Your dogs are beautiful!


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