Ridgefield, Fernhill Wetlands

I went up to Ridgefield the other morning to see what was going on.  Nothing new really, besides even more goose babies.  Here the mom or the dad had just chased off another goose and was really pumped...

I saw two pairs of Redheads that morning.

I saw a Lincoln's Sparrow get chased by a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  I don't think I had ever seen a Lincoln's there before.

I had a Myrtle Warbler pose nicely for me...

I never get sick of Cinnamon Teals...

I saw two more sets of goslings that morning...

A Yellow-headed Blackbird actually let me get some decent photos...

That was about it for Ridgefield.  This morning I went over to Fernhill Wetlands for a few hours...  The resident domestic ducks were a bit frisky (the white one in particular).

There were swallows everywhere... Peeking out of nest boxes...

Bringing home new furnishings...

Discussing how to get the new furnishings inside the house...

I was hoping for a better variety of warblers, but I only saw Yellow-rumped, yellowthroats, and a single Orange-crowned.  There were also lots of goose babies.

That was about it for photos... Good times!  And tomorrow is Birdathon!


  1. Your posting this week taught me something. I didn't realize that the Yellow-rumped Warbler was broken up into the subspecies of the Myrtle and Audubon Warblers. I have been taking pictures of the adult female Myrtle and didn't even know it. Thanks for setting me straight.

  2. Great shots today! Yellow-headed Blackbirds...one of my faves. Their songs are an acquired taste but I love 'em.

  3. Boy that Myrtle is a beauty..as well as the YH Blacknbird!! Gotta love the babies---Birdathon? OK Im curious--

  4. A most sensational series of photographs! Love the Myrtle and Yellow Blackbird images. The youngsters are always a delight to see. The swallow photos brought a big smile to my face. Fantastic post!


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