Vanport Wetlands, Force Lake, New yard bird!

This morning I headed to Force Lake to see if I could find the reported Redheads.  I didn't see the Redheads when I got there but there were some Northern Shovelers looking dapper:

I walked down the road to the wetlands...

A robin was working diligently collecting nest materials:

In the trees around the wetlands were tons of warblers... Mostly Yellow-rumped (both Myrtle and Audubon's), but also Orange-crowned and Common Yellowthroats.

At the wetlands I caught a glimpse of my first Barn Swallows of the year, but only Tree Swallows wanted to pose for the camera...

Ok so they weren't exactly posing for the camera.  I walked back to the lake and found the pair of Redheads...

Sweet- another first for the year!  Back at home I was leaving for work when something caught my eye on my tree of bird feeders... There was a bird actually on the silly bag of thistle seed I hung a month ago!  I was just giving up hope that a bird would ever come snack on it... I quickly ran inside to shoot off a few photos.

Ok, so it's a goldfinch, and I'm thinking American but not positive.  What do you think? [Ah, it's a Lesser Goldfinch!  Thanks, John!]

Yay for new yard birds!


  1. A super Spring portfolio of birds this time out Jen! There were a pair of Redheads at Ridgefield a year or two ago and I never did get close enough to them. Your Robin and Yellowthroat shots really stand out for me here.

  2. Jen,
    Love your photography. Keep up the great work.

  3. Lesser Goldfinch! I love these guys. This is a first year bird, so there isn't much yellow yet, but notice how the back is a cold greenish color. American Goldfinches have a warm golden-brown color.

  4. DANG you work too--you amaze me! Great line up today Love those shovelers--and the warblers terrific!!
    I love that action of the barn swallows---its very candid. Congrats on the newbies--goldfinch and redheads!!

  5. I think I saw my first Orange-crowned Warbler today. You got a much better photo than I did.
    Love your new banner image!

  6. Just found your blog last week. Very nice! I'm in NE near Grant Park. My wife spotted a Cooper's hawk this AM sitting on a neighbors' lawn chair. Great! Watched it fly away, chased by a Crow. Ha! Did a "Tour de Marine Drive" on Sunday. Had never been to Vanport Wetlands. Saw a couple Ruddy ducks, but no Redheads. Also, saw the G. Horned owl with 3 owlets in the cottonwood stand across from the Nat. Guard Armory on NE 33rd. Ended up at NE 181st Avenue Marsh, where there were many tree swallows and barn swallows and what may have been a No. rough-winged swallow (not sure on that one). Also saw my first Common Yellowthroat. Love your photos and enthusiasm!


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