New yard birds.

Oh man, Blogger being down for a couple days has put me really behind on posts!  I visited Camassia Natural Area yesterday for the first time but I will post about that later... because today I have a new yard bird!  And I had a new one yesterday too!  Today I had some Violet-green Swallows flitting around the yard and actually landing on the building that borders my yard..

Woohoo!  There's a couple holes in the wall that I never noticed and I'm wondering if the swallows have something going on in them?! 

Yesterday when I got home from work there was a Western Tanager in my yard... I ran inside to grab the camera, located him perched in my tree, and then he took off before I could snap a shot.  Bummer!  But it was still awesome to see one in my own yard. 

Happy Spring!!!!  Off to the Doggie Dash!


  1. Great new yard birds! I had 2 Western Tanagers in my yard last year but, of course, the photos were all fuzzy. I hope you liked Camassia. We live downhill from it and my kids and I go there a lot.


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