Yard birds.

To the dismay of the entire neighborhood, the starlings have finally fledged.  They are loud and annoying and hungry and I'm sorry but I think they're adorable. 

Honestly, without the starlings right now my feeders would be pretty damn boring.  There's been barely any color in the yard lately, though I did have a Western Tanager pass through earlier!

The Brewer's Blackbirds looked extra angry this morning...

That's about it for the yard these days... If nothing else, the starlings are keeping the squirrels at bay...


  1. Wow, that Brewer's is pissed!


  2. Well, since starlings are here to stay I suppose we may as well try to enjoy them, right?

  3. Wonderful photos! I get the impression that Starlings are not liked by many. I wonder why?

  4. Those baby starlings are so cute. Great catch.

  5. They are darling...IF they keep squirrels away then send a few this way---

  6. Brewer's BB is a pretty cool looking bird. Nice shots.

  7. A lot of very sharp shots and some great action! That Brewer's is awesome, Jen, and the youngsters are so cute!


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