I haven't done much birding this week, mainly because here in the northwest it's been raining almost every day.  I would probably be more upset about it if I weren't leaving for Hawaii in an hour.  Anyway, here are some crows to entertain you until I return with photos of birds that will make you drool.

I only took these photos because of the epic sky happening behind the crows. 



  1. Have fun. We're headed to the beach where it wil be colder and rainier!

  2. I never get tired of watching crows.

  3. Love the crows and the dramatic sky. I hope you have agreat time in Hawaii. It was one of my favorite places.

  4. crows are so smart and fun to watch never tire of them..HAWAII---DANG thats one of my 3 states the other 2 are Oregon and Washington!!! hummmph cant wait to see what you SAW!! Have a safe trip.

  5. Interesting photos.

    The left-most bird is browner and fluffier, indicating a recently-fledged juvenile.

    The center bird has an apparent bare brood patch down the center of the breast--perhaps the mother.

    Have fun in Hawaii!

  6. Have a great time in Hawaii Jen.


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