Hawaii (part one)

I have no idea where to even start with my trip to Hawaii.  There were birds everywhere, all the time, even some bold House Finches that strutted right into my hotel room from the balcony.  There were lizards and fish and turtles, and even mountain goats.  It was insane and awesome. 

Alright, I suppose I will start with the first photo I took in Honolulu on a walk from the shuttle stop to the ATM.  My first new bird of the trip: Zebra Doves!

I saw these guys everywhere I went.. One morning I walked out on a boardwalk and found a guy letting them land on his arm.

They were even on Manana Island in Kailua Bay:

One of the cutest birds around was the Java Sparrow.  I saw lots of them, but only on random lawns around Waikiki.  My friend referred to them as mini-puffins.  I liked that.

I saw one that had something weird going on...

Kind of gnarly.  Another bird I saw around the lawns were Common Waxbills.  Also adorable.

Yet another super common bird was the Common Myna...

There were a lot of young ones around too...

One morning there was a myna by the beach with some string stuck around its foot.  He worked diligently pulling and tugging and eventually freed himself. 

One of the prettier birds I saw was the Yellow-fronted Canary.  I only saw them a few times on my trip, mostly near Kapiolani Park.

I will squeeze one last bird into this post, another bird that was everywhere I went, the Rock Dove.  They come in some pretty colors on Oahu.

Alright, tons more rad birds to come.  I'll leave you with an amazing rainbow for now...