Motorless birding: Whitaker Ponds Nature Park, Marine Drive

I finally fixed the flat I got on the fourth and decided to head out to try to add some birds to my motorless list.  I only added a few but it was still fun.  In the slough next to Whitaker Ponds were at least a dozen Cedar Waxwings catching insects over the water.  I sat on the goose-poop-covered dock for a bit and watched.

It was cool to watch, but unfortunately no worthy action shots.  Along the trail were some plants covered in these caterpillars:

They look like cinnabar moth caterpillars, but for some stupid reason the insect guide I own does not mention them at all.  Pretty lame.  Back in the pond, I stood on a beaver-downed tree and watched a goldfinch take a couple baths.

She had a gentleman caller at one point, but he didn't seem to approve of the situation.

She didn't care, she was having a blast.

One of the three birds I added to my motorless list today was Belted Kingfisher... They are usually two steps ahead of me but I caught this one by surprise:

After the ponds I planned to head over to the bike path along Marine Drive.  In my mind they are super close together.  They are not.  But it was alright, had a nice ride and made it eventually.  I was hoping for Caspian Terns or any gulls really, but no dice.  Just some young swallows...

Good times!  I did about 15 miles of biking and now I'm ready for a beer.  But first, a couple yard friends...  Butt hole was up to his usual gymnastics this morning...

My hybrid flicker still visits regularly and clears the starlings off the suet...

And lastly, this House Sparrow was making a funny face...

That's it!


  1. Looks like a great trip. Its a difficult time for IDing species because of the flood of fledglings. I see you took alot of adults feeding young. That's awesome!

  2. A lot of nice close-ups! Great Belted Kingfisher. I especially like the caterpillar pic.

  3. The Goldfinch series is a blast! Great image of the Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars! The striking orange and black pattern probably warns birds that they make for unpleasant eating.

  4. I love kingfishers! By the way, those caterpillars love tansy ragwort, which is the plant they appear to be on. The moths are gorgeous too.

  5. WOW to that kingfisher..cant ever get those guys sitting...and the goldfinch shots so cool---good for you biking all that far..Damn its so hot here my tires would melt to the pavement and I would die a slow agonizing death by heat stroke..or maybe it would be fast..either way LOVE the hybrid extremely handsome bird!!


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