Ridgefield NWR 07-06-11

I went up to Ridgefield bright and early yesterday morning.  Since my last visit hundreds of blackbirds had fledged and many were feeding in the road...  Here are some Yellow-headed ones...

The moms were kept busy with the youngins...

The Pied-billed Grebe young have grown a bit...

I saw a mama and ducklings that I think are Northern Shovelers...  They're not, they're Cinnamon Teals.  (Thanks!)

There are at least 40 American White Pelicans at the refuge now, which is 38 more than I've ever seen there before...

Later on they all took off to a lake out of sight...

The Kiwa Trail was full of snipe and rails..

                           Wilson's Snipe

If only I had been on the other side of this rail when it decided to bolt across the trail....

I followed this dragonfly for a bit:

I think it's a Blue-eyed Darner.  Back on the road I stopped to look at a Red-winged Blackbird baby...

 Love the eyebrow tufts!

That was about it for the refuge... I was really hoping for coyote pups, which I definitely heard, but no luck seeing them.  Maybe next time...


  1. Hi Jen,
    what an awesome outting your had..YOUR babies are so cute..and that SNIPE on the rail thats gorgeous..THE baby shoveler beaks look full size so cute...
    THAT rail looks like he's ice skating..thats adorable!!!!

  2. Great post with a wonderful variety of encounters! Your images are fantastic.

  3. I **LOVE** that snipe photo!!

  4. Yeah dude. There are tons of snipe here and I think Ive managed one picture. It is not a good one. All the baby blackbirds are adorbs. Im under the impression the duck family are actually cinnamon teal...shovelers have bigger bills with usually more orange. The weirdly proportioned young are confusing though.

  5. Great bird, Jen! The yellow headed blackbirds are pretty. And I really love the Snipe. It took me forever to finally see my first snipe. Love the pelcian in flight shot. great photos and happy birding.

  6. Thanks, Steve. I am easily confused by ducklings and their moms.

  7. Very nice! I haven't been to Ridgefield in a while. Those Yellow-headed Blackbird young would make a trip well worth it.


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