Ridgefield NWR 07-13-11

I went up to Ridgefield yesterday morning for some motor-filled birding... I didn't check the weather and it was misting or raining the whole time.  Boo.  

One of the first birds I saw was a Virginia Rail out in the open.  He stayed out in the open for a few minutes and seemed pretty unconcerned with me.  It was weird.

Pretty cool.  Young grebes and coots are everywhere still...

Black-headed Grosbeaks were all over.

A haggard hawk flew by with some kind of furry snack...

Young Wood Ducks were swimming in the slough...

And lastly, a sweet Ruddy Duck family: 

Okay, one more photo... Bullfrog!

Good times, despite the rain!


  1. You must be the rail whisperer. I have never gotten great views like that!

  2. Marvelous photos!! Love the rail and the family photos...so cute. Awesome FROG!!!!

  3. I love the rail shots, you are so lucky to see them out in the open. The wood ducks are great too. And that frog shot is just a hoot. Fantastic photos, Jen!

  4. Despite the rain, Jen, you got some wonderful shots. Lucky you got a good look at a Virginia Rail!

  5. Wonder if the rail was just fledging. I had a youngin in Maine that pretty curious too. No where near the quality in comparison to your sighting though. Cool photos!

  6. I think you saw more than me! It was such a dreary morning.

  7. Hi Jen. Super shots of the obliging Rail and the cute Ruddy ducklings.


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