Ridgefield NWR 08-21-11

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to start it off the same way as last year, with a trip to Ridgefield.  Nothing too exciting going on, but certainly lots of shorebirds that I could barely see due to my lack of scope.  Oh well. 

I watched a couple of coyotes hunting for a bit... Kind of far away for decent photos but I don't care.  I love watching them.

There was one area of blackberry bushes that was quite birdy. 

Willow Flycatcher

 Common Yellowthroat
White-breasted Nuthatch

For shorebirds, there were tons of yellowlegs, dowitchers, and other things that were far away.

A birthday bittern:

Good times... It was a beautiful morning even if it wasn't super birdalicious.  Yeah, I just wrote that.


  1. Love the pouncing coyote, but that bittern is awesome.

  2. Happy Belated Bird-day, Jen!
    Yeah, I just wrote that.


  3. Happy Birthday Jen! How cool to catch the pouncing coyote. All your birds are great, I especially love the Willow Flycatcher. Congrats on the Bittern sighting, a nice birthday gift for you. Great photos, have a great day and happy birding.

  4. I hope I get to spend my Birthday birding, that is the perfect gift!! Looks like you had a great outing..LOVE the coyote shot..and all the birds of course! Happy Belated-

  5. Wishing you a Happy belated Birthday! A most wonderful post filled with beautiful images! Love the springing coyote. Stunning bird photographs! A delight viewing the shorebird group with the cool reflection. As always, a pleasure to visit your blog!

  6. Nice to be able to spend your B-day birding.

  7. Nice birding, and Happy B-day! I always spend my birthday birding too :-)

  8. Hah! "birdalicious"...I'm going to use that! Happy late b-day :) We must go birding together someday.

  9. Happy belated Birthday! Nice Bittern! I haven't seen one out there in a while.

  10. It must be spider and insect week on the blog circuit. I love your photos. Sounds like some great outings you've had.


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