Ridgefield NWR 08-31-11

I spent Wednesday morning up at Ridgefield where things are starting to get more interesting again.  Still lots of young birds around like this Red-winged Blackbird:

I walked the Kiwa Trail and found it pretty quiet, but did see this young Cooper's Hawk:

And then he took off...

There were tons of swallows attempting to land on these plants:

Nearby, one of the cutest baby Marsh Wrens I've ever seen was clinging to some one of the plants:

Also on the Kiwa were tons of little frogs:

This next one would have easily sat comfortably on my thumbnail:

Can't go wrong with tiny frogs.  Shorebirds are still moving through with Greater Yellowlegs being the only ones sticking in close viewing range.

I scanned Rest Lake with my bins expecting to find only indistinguishable sandpipers, but actually found some kind of plover...  My pictures are blurry messes but it looks like a Black-bellied? 

On my way out I stopped to take some pictures of a Red-tailed Hawk perched low and close to the road...

He was sitting there looking pretty, and then he took a giant poop.

Good times!!


  1. Such a great variety. Love that shot of the marsh wren. Great eye to spot him. Yes, that's a black bellied plover in the middle. We a lot of those here.

  2. Great photos. Is that a red-tailed? The tail looks like it has black and gray bands.

  3. Great collection of birds, Jen! I love the cute wren and that last hawk is awesome. You got some great shots. Happy Birding and have a great weekend!

  4. The last hawk pictures are so super clear!!! Totally keepers!

  5. Great photos Jen! Excellent side view of the Red-tailed Hawk. I really like the Wren and Barn Swallow pics.
    If you have more images of the Yellowlegs you should look through them. The one in the back could be a Lesser. It's bill is barely longer than its head, but that could be because it isn't perfectly perpendicular to the camera. Check out a couple of Greg's links: http://www.pbase.com/gregbirder/image/128249677 & http://nwbackyardbirder.blogspot.com/2010/09/id-yellowlegs.html for details.

  6. @Rick- thanks for the links, I was basing my ID's on their calls primarily.

  7. Great pictures and it sounds like you had a great time. Wildlife management areas are a lot of fun for me also.

  8. Your post made me chuckle because it made me remember one from a month or two ago where I think it was a GBH that pooped in front of you too!

  9. Your photos are outstanding! I enjoyed each photo.

  10. Gorgeous Red Tail shots omg...so sharp and crisp!! LOVE THOSE EYES>
    Great action on the swallows and the coopers too!!
    SWEET frogs--
    Great Photos Jen, you had another fruitful visit to Ridgefield!!


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