Crater Lake.

The dogs and I went down to Crater Lake this weekend.  The weather was beautiful but freezing cold at night so we didn't stay as long as planned...

It wasn't super birdy but I managed to find the expected ones...

Clark's Nutcrackers

 Mountain Chickadee

Common Raven

Trying to get a photo of the dogs in front of the lake was ridiculously difficult, mainly due to the ground squirrels and Clark's Nutcrackers. 

 At the Pinnacles were more squirrels as well as Red Crossbills...

Golden-mantled ground squirrel

I did a little exploring outside of the park as well.  There were some nice big fields of cows just south of the park where I found this Prairie Falcon:

Today back at home my feeders were hopping.  My first juncos have returned, or at least are passing through, and they brought a new yard bird with them: a Golden-crowned Sparrow!

I am stoked for fall!  Good times!


  1. Long drive for a weekend trip but sounds like you had fun - nice pics and the doggies look so well-behaved :o) We are also loving the fall birds arriving!

  2. looks beautiful. I love that first shot!

  3. OH good ones!! I always try to guess what the bird is before I read the caption...this time I got all right except the prairie falcon...I had no clue on that one...Great finds!!
    I love your first shot..the one of the Cone in the lake awesome perspective and the Boys are looking very good in that shot!!!

  4. Hi Jen, Crater lake looks like a great place to visit. I love your dogs, very cute. I would be tickled to see these birds. Especially the crossbills and that Prairie Falcon is cool. Wonderful photos.

  5. I'm back. Amazing pics of the falcon. Glad to back looking at your cool trips. I've had a great few months birding.


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