Recent birds & Ridgefield today...

I didn't get out too much this week for birding but today's trip to Ridgefield more than made up for it... Before we get to that, here's a few birds from the week:

Common Raven, Timberline Lodge

A few Cacklers, Sauvie Island

A few more Cacklers...

Slate-colored Dark-eyed Junco

And now for Ridgefield...  I went up there because I knew it was supposed to rain and I usually have good luck there when it rains.   First off I walked the little trail to the bird blind and was surprised to find a Great Horned Owl land in a tree not far from me.  He took off quickly but I got a couple blurry shots...

The trees were looking cool today...

Herons were out and about eating all sorts of creatures...

A rather unconcerned Peregrine:

All of this stuff was fine and dandy, but my favorite sighting of the day had to be this guy:

A porcupine!  This was only the second time I had seen one, and the first time I had seen one alive!  I wasn't sure if he was injured or if porcupines just walk funny...

I loved his little feet especially....

Alright, enough of that guy... Good times!!


  1. Cool sightings, Jen! I especially love the owl and the neat porcupine is really cool. Wonderful shots of the geese adn the heron with the rodent! What a great day and a great post. Have a great weekend!

  2. The porcupine was a great find! Lucky you!

  3. A Porcupine at Ridgefield is a heck of a find!!!

    Without looking at a field guide, your Slate-colored looks a little suspicious due to the brownish tones on its back. The S.C.s I've seen have been "slaty" all the way down their backs and into their tails. Could this be a female? A hybrid perhaps?

    Good birding!

  4. Jen, Check out Cassiar Junco to see what Rhett is talking about.

  5. HOW cute...I love the feet too...looks to be the only spot without spines...
    GREAT Horned owl..he was really checking you out too

  6. I love that first shot of the Cacklers in the fog at Sauvie Island!

  7. Hmmm porcupin! What a weird ecological wonder. You've been getting rather close to nature lately.


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