Ridgefield NWR 10-11-11

This will probably be the shortest post I've ever done about a trip up to Ridgefield...  The birds were out and about but I failed miserably at getting decent photos.  The weather went from sunny to rainy (and continued to do so a dozen more times throughout the day) which probably didn't help.  Oh well, it was still an alright trip.

White-crowned Sparrow

Red-tailed Hawk

And here's the fella that saved the show:

Good times!


  1. I've had several days where I didn't get any photos. And many more days when I deleted all the ones I took, they were so bad!

    The White-crowned Sparrow is the Gambel's race, a migrant that breeds in BC and northward. It is not the local breeding Puget Sound form.

    Compared to the local breeders your bird has white back stripes, cleaner gray flanks, whiter lores, and pinker (rather than yellow) bill. They also sing in spring migration and have a different song!

    See: Tale of two white-crowned sparrows

  2. I empathize; I got rained out today, too. Didn't even get the camera out of the bag!

    Love that coyote-- the rain streaks and the rich saturation make it for me.

  3. A Hawk and a coyote would be a totally exciting day for me! Lucky you :)

  4. Wow, you had a great day there even if it is a short post. I love the White Crowned Sparrow and the Hawk. And the Coyote is awesome, great sighting.

  5. Lovely white crowned and love the YOTE!

  6. Oh man! That coyote is beautiful!


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