Broughton Beach, etc.

Yesterday turned out to be the perfect Halloween day- sunny and chilly and everything I remember Halloween being when I was a kid in New England.  Of course, New England got snow this year, but whatever.  I decided to take the dogs for a long walk in the morning around Broughton Beach.

The first thing I found were the two Pacific Loons that had been reported previously.

A lone Dunlin was wading near three Black-bellied Plovers...

I flushed flocks of American Pipits on many occasions, but this one fella seemed a little curious and stayed put when I walked by with the dogs:

I did some other good birding this weekend but the combination of little free time and painfully slow internet have prevented me from posting about these outings so far..  Here are some of the goodies from the weekend:

One of two Pileated Woodpeckers at Kelley Point Park, 10-29-11

Fiery Golden-crowned Kinglet, Kelley Point Park 10-29-11

Brant mingling with thousands of Cackling Geese at Ankeny NWR 10-29-11

Cackling and Canada Geese, golf course lawn next to Force Lake 10-30-11

Good times!


  1. You're getting pretty good at identifying those tricky shorebirds, Jen!

  2. Grreat collections of bird sightings, Jen! I love the kinglet and the Pileated woodie. The Brants are nice too. Wonderful photos, have a great day!

  3. Cackling geese would be a lifer. Nice golden kinglet.

  4. Ha, you were at Ankeny the same day I was! Did you see the obnoxious white Ride Share van? That was me and my group. We'd heard about the Brant but my group was "done". Did enjoy a Peregrine and a Northern Shrike, among lots of other wonderful birds that day.

  5. @Laura- haha, no I did't see your van! I actually went to Ankeny in hopes of seeing a shrike, but they are turning into my nemesis bird...

  6. If you go back, we saw it at the now dry Pintail Pond along with the Peregrine who looked to be wondering where the water had gone. My best looks at them in town have been at Powell Butte. They don't tend to fly quite as far away from you there. Good luck!

  7. Really great shorebirds..I could watch them for hours..


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