Cape Cod.

I got back last night from visiting my family in Massachusetts over Thanksgiving.  It was pretty fun, awesome weather, lots of birds, no flight delays or major headaches.  My parents' house on Cape Cod attracts quite a few birds, so although it is tempting to skip right ahead to the Snowy Owl my brother and I saw on Plum Island, I will begin with the yard birds...

I only saw one Blue Jay while I was there.

There are lots of Downy Woodpeckers around, and unfortunately they have been working on the sides of my parents' house...

Tufted Titmice are always nice to see...

On Sunday morning there was a small flock of sparrows in their shrubs and I followed them down the yard until they disappeared.  The White-throated Sparrows stood out:

There was a sparrow I didn't immediately recognize but I am pretty sure is a Swamp Sparrow:

Full foggy body shot:

Cardinals are also nice to see... Randomly these two chose to pose on the same root for me:

Carolina Wrens do not like standing still.

Nuthatches are also common in my parents' yard...

There were some epic sunsets while I was visiting, like this one:

And this one was good too:

Good times, lots more birds to come...


  1. I visited Cape Cod for the first time several years ago and really loved it. We stayed in Wellfleet and explored the sanctuary out there on the bay. Whalewatching from Provincetown was the best! Cool to see your parents' common yard birds.
    My new one year old dog, Choco, is a bird chaser. He rushes the bushes for towhees and juncos in our backyard and is perplexed by flocks of bushtits over his head.
    I look forward to the Snowy Owl story!

  2. Well you had a great DOSE of the Eastern yard birds...I am enjoying those and the Junco's and Chipping Sparrows...NOT so many House Finches as we normally get this yr..dont understand that. Great shots OF all..what a fun trip you had!!!!


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