Edmonds, Washington.

I had grand plans for this weekend- I was going to finally make it up to the Skagit Valley to explore Skagit Game Range, Samish Flats, etc, with stops in Edmonds and Anacortes on the way.  Unfortunately I only got to bird Edmonds.  Upon arrival in the Skagit area my check engine light came on and the weird wobble my car developed last week reached new wobbly heights.  Boo.  I ended up driving all the way back to Portland.

But Edmonds was great...

The marina hosts tons of crows, pigeons, gulls, and a Belted Kingfisher:

A Bald Eagle kept watch on the rocks bordering the marina...

Sharing the rocks were dozens of Heermann's Gulls...

Mmm, poop-covered rocks.  A couple of gulls along the public pier:

I am hoping to take the next gull ID class offered at the Audubon Society but until then, I'm just guessing... Glaucous-winged? Olympic?  Here's a more helpful angle:

There were several Red-necked Grebes out on the water including one just below the pier:

Along with Horned Grebe:

Dozens of Surf Scoters were near the pier also...

Now my favorite thing about the Edmonds pier is that alcids are often not far from shore for once... I found this pair of Pigeon Guillemots looking adorable:

A little farther out were several Rhinoceros Auklets feeding with some gulls...

There were many Red-breasted Mergansers around...

And lastly, a bunch of Buffleheads:

Well, at least I managed to see some good birds before the car trouble started... And now I'm off to find some new tires and someone to check the engine.  Just how sketchy is Tires 4 Less???  And why is Les Schwab closed on Sundays??  Anyway.... Good times!


  1. Looks like a good birding day. Ive heard tales of Skagit for a few years now...I think I will end up that way in a couple months. I am going to make a blood sacrifice so I can see a Gyrfalcon.

  2. Sorry about your car troubles :(
    At least you still got some good birding in. The Bald Eagle is gorgeous. I love the buffleheads, too, but they seem to always be a bit too far away for a good shot.

  3. Don'tcha hate it when you have to deal with car repairs you always feel like you're gonna be screwed...
    MY car blew the head gasket in AZ last yr...boy that one scared me, but I got lucky and found the perfect garage to fix me up and didnt hurt my credit card too bad..
    WOW to all the awesome birds you got..love those p.guillemots and that kingfisher shot is amazing....


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