Force Lake & Kelley Point Park

As I had decided earlier this week, I returned to Force Lake this morning armed with trash bags.

I spent about an hour filling up two and a half bags with random garbage (Bud cans, male enhancement pill packaging, Halloween candy wrappers, etc.).  I also picked up a hose, two empty jugs of Carlo Rossi, and a couple of big bags someone had dumped in the grass.  They were heavy, filled with some kind of metal scraps.  And some surprises which I didn't see until I finally managed to get one of the bags in the trunk...

Uh, yeah, that's fur hanging out of the bag.  Made my car smell real nice.  Anyway, there are still lots of great birds on the lake...

Common and Hooded Mergansers

There was another new duck that seems to be some kind of domestic Mallard type duck (though I definitely tried to turn it into an American Black Duck):

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the super rarities I saw along the edge of the golf course lawn...

Alright, bad joke. After Force Lake I planned to take the dogs to Kelley Point Park but decided to drop the trash off at home first due to my car's newfound death stench.  Finally we made it to the park...

I never noticed that one of the pine trees along the main pathway is actually a larch, and its needles are currently a beautiful shade of yellow.

At Kelley Point there always seems to be one area that's hosting a major bird party.  You just have to find it.  Today I was surprised to find a flock of Townsend's Warblers partying away, among the more common kinglets, wrens, nuthatches, woodpeckers and chickadees.

In a hole in a tree near these guys were some little white mushrooms look cute:

And one last bird I was psyched to see at the park was a Hermit Thrush:

When I arrived home I found some chaos at the feeders- a flock of Lesser Goldfinches!  Second time in a week that I've seen them, maybe they are here to stay?!

I counted eight in that photo and there were more flying around....

Good times!


  1. Love the warblers but must confess I like the Flamingos most of all :o) Thank you for picking up the garbage - have never been there but have seen plenty of places spoiled by human residue. You make me vow to do better at carrying trash bags and doing something about it!

  2. So it's you that are holding our winter ducks hostage! Nice photos jen-and thanks for picking up the trash-every bit helps!It's just a shame that it's even necessary.

  3. Trash patrol---way to go...WE appreciate it, even if we dont live there. WOW awesome to see townsends warblers...I hope those Goldfinch hang around all winter for ya...they sure are Neat looking Im hoping to get the AMerican Goldfinch to make an appearance...

  4. Great Townsend's Warbler pics! How nice of you to pick up garbage. Hope you wore gloves. :-)


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