Ridgefield NWR 11-14-11

I had a pretty mellow trip to Ridgefield yesterday morning... I didn't see a single coyote or bittern or owl, so certain people can stop poking fun at me!  In fact, birding was pretty tame and it was a quartet of river otters that stole the show...

They were practicing all their otter activities: being cute, eating fish, cuddling, etc.

It was almost too much.

The biggest bird excitement was watching a harrier take on a couple hawks... She chased one off across a field, then came back to chase yet another (possibly Rough-legged?):

Another highlight was a lone Eurasian Wigeon on Rest Lake:

And lastly, Tundra Swans are always nice to see:

Good times!


  1. Hey, I was there yesterday morning too! I didn't see the otters though, dang! I did see an albino nutria and a close-up photo session with a coyote. It was very quiet for birds for me too. The swans were fun to see, but not much bird variety. Love the otters!

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't get enough of those playful River Otter images! Fabulous! What joy that must have been for you to watch these entertaining creatures. Beautiful Tundra Swan photographs. Sounds like an enjoyable day spent at Ridgefield.

  3. You have the best sightings! Just a little jealous ;)

  4. HOW CUTE they are....what fun to watch--
    Great Swans shot too...

  5. Otters are so cool. We actually had 3 of them playing in a pond outside my office the other day near Boston. Great to see someparts of nature making a comeback even in urban areas. Nice photos.

  6. One river otter = awesome. You really scored here. :)

  7. Wonderful photos, Jen! I love the otters, they are so cute.

  8. Wonderful shots of the otters and the action with the raptors is really cool! Wonderful job spotting the Eurasian Wigeon! Looks like a wonderful day, Jen!


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