Rusty Blackbird, etc.

So yesterday I picked up my car and everything seemed dandy so I headed to Woodland to look for the Rusty Blackbird.  Success!

Only got terrible photos since it was rather dark and gloomy out, but still happy to have seen her.  Beautiful bird!

On the way home I stopped at Ridgefield and couldn't find the flycatcher, then stopped at Vancouver Lake to walk the dogs... where my check engine light decided to reappear... Ugh!

 Tundra Swans, Ridgefield NWR

Vancouver Lake Park

I have been trying to look on the bright side with the car troubles... I brought the dogs with me to the mechanic this morning so the long walk home would be less boring.  It was actually beautiful out and walking through Peninsula Park was awesome.  Then back at home I found a new yard bird waiting for me!!

A White-throated Sparrow!  Of course he was hanging out in front of the dirty windows, not the clean ones, and he took off when I tried to quietly open it... Oh well, I hope he comes back!

Good times!


  1. Awesome! 3 birds I've yet to see.

  2. Cool! You have your own White-throated too! I bet he will be back. Especially since you have a buffet.
    Stupid cars.

  3. Congrats on seeing, and photographing, the Rusty Blackbird. I got one once and have been waiting for a second chance for several years. Congrats also on the White-throated Sparrow! They are quite common here in the East. I wished I could send some over to you!

  4. Those dang cars they are suchhhhh machines.
    Our white throats appeared this week I love their little song..
    Love that swan shot.


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