Smith and Bybee Lakes

I stopped by Smith and Bybee yesterday afternoon after tiring the dogs out at Kelley Point Park.  The sun was peaking out through all the clouds and it was amazingly dry all afternoon.

There are still at least ten American White Pelicans on Smith Lake...

A Bald Eagle was cruising along the west edge of the lake when a gull decided to chase him across the lake and directly towards me...

He slowed down as he approached me and soared right over my head... It was pretty awesome.

I moved on to Bybee Lake where I have tried unsuccessfully to find the shrike and the Red-shouldered Hawk way too many times...  Through some trees I thought I saw a bird swoop down, but with all the leaves falling I couldn't be sure.  I crept around to an opening and scanned the marsh till a bird flew up and into a far tree.  It was a hawk and my gut said it wasn't a Red-tailed which was good enough reason for me to trudge through the marsh towards it.  Finally it swooped down again and plucked a little lizard out of the grass...

I was psyched to see it was definitely the juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk!  I repositioned myself in sinking mud to get some (slightly) better photos...

Yay!  Not just a new bird, but one that has been driving me crazy!  Good times!


  1. Great photos, Jen! I love the eagle shots and the white Pelicans have always been one of my favorite birds. Congrats on your new hawk. Have a great weekend and Happy Birding!

  2. Nice work, and congrats!

    Persistence and perseverance pay off in this game.

  3. Red-shouldered was new? Daaaaannngggg. Life birds are delish. I like the gull-eagle other news, I dipped on a Slaty-backed Gull today (by 10 minutes) and plan on punishing myself with alcohol.

  4. OHHHH Great Eagle SHOT...and high five on the red-shoulder....

  5. Cool pics of the eagle. If you are out this way and want to bird, send me an email. I'll be out on Friday and Saturday birding till I drop. Travel safe!


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