Yard Birds.

The one nice thing about being relatively house-bound due to the car problems is that I've had plenty of time to watch my feeders.  Even gave them a good scrubbing yesterday.  The birds seem appreciative.

 Yellow-rumped Warbler

Mr. Peanut

My flickers have been entertaining me, digging in new spots around my tree, as well as keeping the starlings off the suet.

This morning I saw a flash of yellow in my tree and was thrilled to find three Lesser Goldfinches.  I have only seen one in the yard once before.  Too bad I tossed my thistle bag a couple months ago.

Ralph has been more than happy to help keep an eye on everyone.

Jake, not so much...

Now hopefully I will get a phone call soon saying my car is fixed and I can head up to Woodland Bottoms to look for the Rusty Blackbird!  Good times!


  1. Nice bird shots, esp. the Flicker poking for insects in the ground. And, love Ralph's hiney! CUUUUUte!

  2. That Lesser Goldfinch looks so sad that the thistle is gone. I think you need to mend its broken heart.

  3. A really enjoyed scrolling through the wonderful photographs in this post. Terrific shots of your yard birds! Beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler and fun peanut picking Scrub Jay. The flicker shot with the spread wings is absolutely awesome! Such a cool bird. How exciting to see the beautiful Lesser Goldfinches. I have never seen these birds in person before so it's especially nice to view them on your blog.

    The photos you used to end the post brought a big smile to my face. I've seen similar scenes in our house with our two silly pups. Fun!

    Always a joy to visit your outstanding blog!

  4. great yard birds and excellent shots of them too..
    Looks like the dogs are enjoying some R n R inside...


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