Bad photos.

The weather here has been wonderfully dry, yet terribly cold and foggy lately.  I'm not complaining about the lack of rain.  And instead of complaining about my god-awful blurry and/or dark photos, I have decided to show them off...

Yesterday I walked the dogs at Kelley Point Park despite seeing a coyote soon after our arrival.  The visibility over the Willamette was awful, I could barely even see this boat coming...

There were three Common Goldeneyes in the river... in the fog...

Oh well, the dogs looked good at least...

After the park I stopped by Smith and Bybee Lakes yet again to look for the Northern Shrike.  Yet again, I couldn't find it but I found some other foggy birds...

 Foggy Bald Eagle

Foggy Purple Finches with their mouths full

Foggy Marsh Wren

Foggy Orange-crowned Warbler

For the Varied Thrush I have both a foggy photo and a horribly backlit photo for your enjoyment:

I took lots of photos at Ridgefield last weekend but most were not that great because of the foggy darkness, so I never posted them.

Foggy Northern Pintail

Foggy Hawk... but what kind?  

Foggy Hooded Mergansers

Foggy Red-tailed Hawk

 Foggy Coots

And lastly, I welcomed back a yard bird I hadn't seen in months- the hybrid Northern Flicker:

Yay for bad photos!


  1. Foggy but still beautiful! I get frustrated during the spring and fall migration season when the days seem to be quite overcast, foggy and especially windy. I definitely can relate. That said, I really enjoyed this series! You saw a lot of beautiful birds in the mist. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dood, wish I had so many "bad" photos. The mergansers are STUNNING, and lovely to see varied thrush, and the back lit one is VERY elegant. LOVELY. Like a cut out. =) Nice work.

  3. Fantastic variety! Here, the weather is persistently overcast, and the birds not nearly as good. I'd rather be in your shoes.

  4. What is this fog you speak of? I don't understand. There is so much sun here.

    The hawk is prolly a juvenile dark or rufous morph Red-tail. I think. Are there Rough-legs at Ridgefield now? I will be there next to month and I demand their presence.

  5. Steve, I haven't seen a Rough-legged there in a month at least... But that doesn't mean much. When I do see them they tend to be far away, and I have bad eyesight so they might be out there... Where else are you going on your grand northwest adventure?

  6. Cute puppers as usual. And your photos are great, even in the fog!! Now lets get us some foggy Snowy Owls!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This fog has been insane. Regardless, those are some great photos.

  8. It may be foggy but the birds were great. I would love to see the Varied Thrush. And I love that boat shot, now that is foggy. Great captures and happy birding, Jen!

  9. A foggy wonderland actually!! Excellent photos, I really like the foggy coots caption.


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