Recent birds...

I haven't had a ton of luck with birds this week due to the combined forces of me being sick and lots of fog, but I have managed to get out a bit.  So here's some recent random shots...

Spooooooooooky, Ridgefield NWR

BFF's (Northern Pintail & Mallard), Ridgefield NWR 

American Wigeons, Ridgefield NWR

Belted Kingfisher, Ridgefield NWR

 Bushtit, Kelley Point Park

Hooded Merganser, Force Lake

A few deer scared the crap out of me at Bybee Lake the other morning.  They were suddenly maybe 15 feet away and staring at me.  They stopped mid-chew.

In other news, I have almost made my way through a huge pot of black bean portobella stew from that Viva Vegan cookbook.  Tasty.

Christmas is coming- time for creepy Christmas cards!  When I was a kid I had nightmares that a little boy was peeking in my windows at night.  Once it was Freddy Krueger, but usually just a little boy.  I am still freaked out by dark windows.  My cousin just sent me this Christmas card:

Thanks, cuz.  Sweet dreams...


  1. Yeah, that kid on the card is creepier than the Ridgefield fog pic (which I love by the way). Your header is awesome.

  2. Some lovely moody photos. Love the Kingfisher, and LOVE the first photo. beautifully exposed and composed.

  3. Awesome photos, Jen! The first shot is just beautiful. And I love all the birds and ducks. The Kingfish is great, they seem so timid around me or too far away. I hope you are felling better. Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

  4. That kid is freakin' creepy! I think I saw him on the Frenchman's Bar Trail the other day.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Haha, glad it is agreed that the card is creepy and it's not just me! Rhett, if I ever see that kid on the Frenchman's Bar Trail I will feed him to the hawks.

  6. I told your cousin not to let her out of the closet but now that she's out, say hi to your creepy little sister.

  7. That Ridgefield fog picture rocks. You should blow that up as a poster. I'd buy it.


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