Ridgefield NWR

Man it's been nice not working all week.  I've had time for all sorts of things like making pancakes for breakfast and hot dice.  At Ridgefield I usually have some time constraints, either having to go to work or the sun setting.  Today there was none of that nonsense.

First up this Bewick's Wren had absolutely no problem telling me just how irritating he found me to be:

A heron pinching its own butt:

In the forest there was a Red-tailed Hawk perched in every other tree, or so it seemed.  I think this is the first one I've ever snuck up on- he seriously jumped when he noticed me...

A coot army has been amassing in the slough through the forest, drafting any duck that gets in the way...

There were many Bald Eagles around.  I watched a couple young ones for about half an hour hoping they would do something cool, but they never did.  An adult flew through at one point and they just watched.

It was interesting to watch the ducks after the eagles settled on the ground.  Mallards swam right by them, and a Bufflehead nearby I thought for sure would be lunch.  Not to mention a pair of Cinnamon Teals snoozing in the grass.  I was biting my nails!  But no, nothing happened.

Some Greater White-fronted Geese were mixed in with the Tundra Swans...

I watched a pair of coyotes hunting the fields.  The one closest to me was sort of depressingly unsuccessful.  He already looked a mess, but to see him fail with every pounce was just a bummer.  His partner was doing much better, and had a much healthier-looking coat.

After awhile both coyotes took off running to the far side of the field where I saw two ravens flying off.  I wonder if they were looking for their leftovers?  One raven landed awkwardly in a tree- lots of flapping was involved before it finally settled.

That was about it!  A nice leisurely trip with only a couple small bouts of rain.  Good times!


  1. This was a really fun post. It seems like you blended right in to the natural environment; thanks for relaying it back here.

  2. Hi Jen, it sounds like a great day of birding. It is always nice to be off work. I love the cute wren, cool hawk and the army of coots. And the Coyotes are cool too, great action shot. Great post and photos. Happy New Year and Happy Birding in 2012.

  3. OH Fun visit!! LOVE THE raft of coots....lol they were like Critical Mass...lol
    The coyote shots are awesome too...Happy New YR!!!!


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