I was looking for photos of mammals in my old photos and dug up this bird from a hike in Olympic National Park in October of 2008.

A freakin gorgeous rufous Ruffed Grouse.  I remember it startling us on our 11 mile hike in the Hoh Rain Forest, though at the time I was constantly looking over my shoulder for cougars.  What I wouldn't give to see this bird now...

Man. That was an awesome trip.  I think I'll have to get back there in 2012.


  1. Hey Jen-

    What happened to the post about yard birds? A preview showed up in my blog feed but I got an error message when I clicked on it.


  2. Hey Sarah, that was a mistake. I meant to make a page called yard birds, and accidentally made a post instead.

  3. Nice. I haven't seen a RUGR (as opposed to a cougar) in a couple years. Your banner is awesome.

  4. HI Jen, the grouse is a great bird. I saw one in the Tetons. I had a short visit to the Hoh forest and loved it there. Cool capture of the Grouse! Happy Birding and I hope you have a great holiday!

  5. Spectacular sighting and a great photo from your archieves...

  6. Wow! What a cool looking grouse! I'd love to see a Cougar but only if I was wearing cougar-proof clothing.

  7. Oh, SO nice. =) What Seagull Steve said about your banner. INTENSE envy. Looked all over for snowies at Plum Island, MA today, but to no avail. Still, there's worse places to kill time.


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