Weekend Birds.

I spent a lot of time out and about this weekend, including three attempts at the Long-tailed Duck on Bybee Lake, a trip to Ridgefield, a two-hour dog walk along the Frenchman's Bar Trail, and stops at Force Lake.  You would think I had more to show for it than what I have, but it's almost winter and I take what I can get...

Trip number two to Bybee Lake produced very few birds, but gorgeous lighting as the sun set behind the west hills...


At Force Lake on Saturday morning there weren't any unusual birds, but plenty of regulars...

Spotted Towhee

Fox Sparrow

I also saw a super-rare frog perched on a wall near the lake...

At Ridgefield the most interesting thing were the huge flocks of Purple Finches everywhere. Seriously, there were tons.  My photos were terrible, but here's one anyway:

This afternoon I made my third attempt at finding the Long-tailed Duck.  I didn't see it when I first arrived at Bybee Lake so I kept trekking through the tall wet grass in my awesome new Kamik rain boots.  I eventually came across a Red-shouldered Hawk (possibly the same one I saw a couple weeks ago):

When I trudged my way back out of the marsh towards the lake I found two birders who said they had just located the duck.  Unfortunately she was spending about three seconds above water followed by a minute to two minutes below... I finally managed some not so great photos:

Oh well, still a new bird!  I was stoked.  And I was able to repay the two birders by dragging them back into the marsh so they could see the Red-shouldered Hawk also.  On my way back to the parking lot Mount Hood looking might fine...

Good times!


  1. Wow, you are one determined birder and I love the name of your blog. Very creative! What changed your mind?

  2. We're lousy with Long-tails here; I'd gladly give one up for a Foxy or a Red-shouldered Hawk.

    Very nice day's assortment-- excellent photos too.

  3. Hi Jen, I would enjoy the scenery, Lovely photos. The Towhee and Fox sparrow are pretty. It has been awhile since I have seen any Purple Finches. Great sighting of the hawk and congrats on your Long-Tailed duck. Wonderful photos, Happy Birding!

  4. You came back with the goods today congrats on getting the long tailed...!! Lovely Towhee shot!! AND I checked out the boots Excellent choice!!!


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